The Must-Have Wedding Checklist Every Maid of Honor Needs

Just as the title implies, being a maid of honor is an important role that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As the bride’s right-hand gal, you’ve been given the role of assistant wedding planner, bridal party leader and most trusted confidant.

While there are many hats to wear as an MOH, you’re determined to nail all your roles to ensure that the bride’s big day is everything she dreamed and more. From fun tasks like dress shopping and luncheons to more tedious undertakings like playing hostess to every event, here is your go-to checklist to be an amazing maid of honor:

Be in Charge of the Bridesmaids

As an MOH, you are the designated leader of the bridesmaids. If they have questions, they should look to you before pestering the bride with too many questions.

To kick off your maid of honor duties, be sure to reach out to all the bridesmaids and get everyone on the same page. If you’re a long-distance MOH, this is especially important because you may not be able to attend many of the events in-person. Establishing good communication early will help the entire wedding planning process go much more smoothly.

Go Dress Shopping

You’ll also be tasked with helping the bride not only find her dream wedding dress but also assisting her in choosing bridesmaid dresses that fit and flatter the entire bridal party. Although this is generally considered a fun task, keep in mind that it’s still a major decision that should be taken seriously.

After the bride has decided on bridesmaid dresses for everyone, it’s your job to make sure that the dresses are ordered in a reasonable time. Remember to give enough time for alterations! The general rule of thumb is to order bridesmaid dresses at least six months prior to the big day.

Be the Bride’s Unofficial Wedding Planner

Although this role depends on the bride, be prepared to do some tedious tasks to help her prepare for the big day. This can involve anything from creating DIY centerpieces, designing wedding invitations, and helping her chose the perfect hair and makeup style for the big day. As the maid of honor, you can help her keep the little details on schedule by using this wedding beauty timeline to schedule her appointments.

In addition to providing a helping hand, you’ll also be expected to provide some suggestions and soothe the bride’s worries. Even the most type-B brides will fret over something sooner or later. Listen intently and be patient when they start stressing over their upcoming nuptials.

Plan the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

With the help of the bridesmaids, an MOH is responsible for putting together an unforgettable bachelorette party and a fun bridal shower. Both events typically happen one or two months before the wedding date.

Get the bridesmaids together and start coming up with a budget for the bachelorette party. Be sure to plan something that the bride will love while being respectful of everyone’s budgetary limits.

You may not be the primary planner of the bridal shower, but you’re still expected to be in charge. This includes coming up with a theme for the bridal shower, making reservations if necessary and sending out shower invitations.

Be on Your A-Game for the Big Day

Once the big day arrives, be ready to help the bride from the moment she wakes up to her final send-off after the reception. Your responsibilities will include—but are not limited to—the following:

  • Make sure bridesmaids are properly dressed, with hair and makeup on point.
  • Pour the bride a mimosa and calm her nerves.
  • Put out any last-minute fires—mimosa spills on dresses, dealing with crazy relatives, etc.
  • Get people on the dance floor and lead by example.
  • Sneak the bride a snack and a drink when she forgets to eat.
  • Take care of loose ends after the reception, including paying vendors, bringing gifts and cards to a secure location, and taking care of the bride’s dress.

Although it will be an exhausting day for you, it will also be a rewarding day. When things start to feel overwhelming, just remember that you were chosen for the role because the bride has complete confidence in you.

Hold Things

Don’t worry. You don’t need to hold anything particularly heavy. However, you are expected to hold the bride’s bouquet when she makes her way down the aisle.

Other items you may need to hold are the rings. While it’s traditional for the best man to hold the rings, it’s also not uncommon for this task to be given to the MOH.

Finally, be prepared to hold the bride’s dress when she needs to use the bathroom. It’s not a glamorous job, by any means, but she’ll be grateful for the help. Get a clutch that matches your bridesmaid dress to keep the Bride’s beauty essentials on hand.

Sign the Marriage License

After the couple says “I do,” you and the best man are in charge of signing the marriage license. This typically happens after the ceremony and before the reception.

Although it’s an easy task, it’s one of the most important. After all, the bride and groom aren’t officially married until they have two witnesses sign their certificate!

Honor the Newlyweds with a Toast

If you always hated speech class, you won’t enjoy this next responsibility: making a small speech at the reception. It’s customary for the MOH and the best man to toast to the newlyweds, so start working in advance on what you’ll say.

If you’re extremely anxious about the idea of speaking in front of all the wedding guests, you might consider asking the bride if you can make a speech at the rehearsal dinner instead. The rehearsal dinner is often more relaxed and will take some of the pressure off of you.

Remember to Have Fun

The last thing the bride wants is an MOH who looks perpetually worried or frantic in her wedding photos. In between your wedding day duties, try to remember to eat, drink and have some fun on the dance floor. After all, you helped the bride make the day unforgettable. Grab a glass of wine, pull on your dancing shoes and have a blast while you celebrate the newlyweds on their beautiful day.

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