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The Coulda, Woulda, Shouldas Brides Think About… After the Wedding


When it comes to planning any event, a wedding or otherwise, it is impossible not to miss a detail here and there.  Sometimes what we think will be fine on the day of the wedding ends up being a problem, and the things we thought would be a problem end up being fine.  It happens….

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Whimsical Wisteria and Spa for a Spring Wedding

Pantone Wisteria and Spa are two colors are great reasons to be excited for spring! These two colors are soft and sweet and works well with other soft colors for the spring.  Pair this with lavenders and other soft blues for the wedding.  Looking for the right accessories for these two Pantone colors?  We think…

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8 Things You Will Need to Know About Being a Bridesmaid


If you’re  about to be a bridesmaid, but know nothing about what to expect in actually being one, here are some things you should know.  It can cost a pretty penny:  Being a bridesmaid isn’t cheap, some of you may already know this if you have already been in a few weddings, but for those…

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5 Things to Do Before the Wedding Reception Ends

Throw the Bouquet at Your Wedding Reception

The wedding day can move pretty fast, so it’s so easy to miss a few things as you try to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.  We thought we would offer some tips so that you don’t miss a thing before the wedding reception is over.  Eat the Food – This…

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A Little Bit of Blue for Your Spring Wedding

There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate blue into your wedding this spring.  Whether the color is like the the Pantone royal shown here or a color closer to the navy side of the family, this is definitely a color worth considering for your wedding.    Have it stand alone or with other like…

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