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Pinterest Inspired Wedding Colors for Fall

With the fall coming we can’t get enough of all the beautiful colors we’re seeing on Pinterest!  The deep reds, the vibrant purples, the lush greens – it is a magical time to get married.  So we thought we would show you some of our newest dresses in some of …


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New #DessyRealWeddings Contest!

We’re all about Dessy Real Weddings and our accessories too!  Since this is a new month,  we have a new #DessyRealWeddings contest! Enter a chance to win this gorgeous headband, our Matte Satin Single Headband (which is available in 57 colors!)  for up to eight members of your bridal party! …


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2 Easy DIY Up Dos For Your Wedding

Finding a wedding look for your hair is not always easy. There are so many beautiful styles out there, but it is important to find a look that is right for you.


Wedding Planning

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Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Ceremony Unplugged

As most brides, grooms, and guests can agree, the ceremony of any wedding is meant to be sacred. Notably the most formal part of the day, the ceremony is a time for everyone to come together to honor the love that two people share. In today’s modern day and age, we sometimes step …


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