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A Glamorous 1920s-Inspired Wedding for Spring!


The 1920s was a beautiful time in history,  bright lights and roaring jazz music danced by men wearing handsome suits and the women wearing sparkly flapper dresses.  So it’s no wonder that couples would want to replicate this time with a 1920s-inspired wedding!   We came across a photo shoot that depicts perfectly what a…

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What to Know and Expect Before Getting Engaged


Thought you knew everything there was to know about getting engaged? Well here are a few things you may not have thought about before popping the question! Comments and questions from family and friends: If you have been in a long relationship with someone, it is only natural that people, particularly your family and friends to…

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The Perfect Neutrals for Your Fall Wedding

While fall is a long way away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about the various colors you should choose for your fall wedding!  These Pantone colors of rose, wild berry, stormy and charcoal gray are great color combination  for a fall wedding offers a versatile color palette for your bridesmaid dresses. And even though we…

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What to Know About Picking Your Wedding Shoes

Shoes 2

Picking your wedding shoe is an important detail when planning your wedding day attire. There are various things to consider, everything from the comfort of the shoe to the style.  Here is what you will need to know about your wedding shoes: Shopping for the Shoe: Begin shopping for your wedding shoes months before the…

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Soft Pastels for a Spring Wedding!

Nothing says spring like soft pastels for your wedding! Pantone blush, suede rose, heather and sterling are a great color combination.  Each color will work well together and apart for the bridal party.   This spring not only do we welcome soft beautiful colors for your wedding, but a new selection of bridesmaid dresses too!…

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