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8 Tips to Keep You and Your Bridesmaids Happy

Your bridesmaids should be a certain group of women nearest and dearest to your heart. Your bridal party needs to special because they are an important part of your ceremony. At the same time, they need to understand that it is ultimately your day and they need to respect your wishes. A calm, cool, …


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New #DessyRealWeddings Contest!

We’re all about Dessy Real Weddings and our accessories too!  Since this is a new month,  we have a new #DessyRealWeddings contest! Enter a chance to win this gorgeous headband, our Matte Satin Single Headband (which is available in 57 colors!)  for up to eight members of your bridal party! …


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DIY Wedding

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9 Unique DIY Ideas to Inspire

Ladies and gentlemen, the craze of the “do it yourself” wedding is apparent and we have to admit, we’re totally loving it. Incorporating DIY ideas into your wedding means you’re after a unique flair that will have guests paying close attention to all the  details. Whether it’s a simple craft or a large scale project, trading the …


Wedding Planning

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The Art of the Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is a time for the bride and groom’s families to bond and rejoice before the big event. It’s meant to prepare the couple for the ceremony in a mellow and joyful environment. We like to think that there is an art to creating the perfect intimate …


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