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The Best Wedding Songs of 2012

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From the first dance, to the last dance of the evening, you want only the best songs for your big day. Music sets the mood, and whether it be romance and love or breakin’ loose on the reception dance floor, good tunes are essential! We asked real brides-to-be for their picks of the top wedding songs of 2012. Listed below are their favorites. Some are classics, some are new, all are sure to bring on the happy tears and romance. Some of these titles are linked so you can view the video and listen to lyrics.

At Last: Etta James

Can’t Help Falling in Love: Elvis Presley

You and Me: Dave Matthews Band

Marry Me: Train

Marry You: Bruno Mars

What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Forever: Ben Harper

Then: Brad Paisley

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You: Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons

Don’t Want to Miss a Thing: Areosmith

Don’t see your favorite wedding song? Comment here and tell me yours!


10 Responses to “The Best Wedding Songs of 2012”

  1. Mike Collins says:

    These are all good songs for the first dance. One thing that i wanted to give a heads up about is the issue of copyright. If you are just going to dance to the song at your wedding, then copyright is an issue but it is one that should have been dealt with by the owners of your wedding venue. Here in the UK it is called a PRS license. If this is just about palying the song in the venue then it is the venue’s responsibility.
    What many do not understand is that If you are planning to video the dance and include the music in your wedding video then you need a copyright license. In my country the UK this is now called a limited manufacture licence and IS needed even if no commercial wedding videographers are used. The license is needed whether you include the live sound from the disco in the video or use the music file itself in the video.
    Now you may say that if noone sees the video it doesn’t matter and that is a matter for individual conscience, as to whether you break the law. It is just that that is what the law is.

    The thing is though that what couples are looking for in songs like these, is a connection to the music.

    Sometimes a piece of royalty free music that has no personality and no connection to the couple is sometimes a little worthless.

    Nowadays though some couples are finding this connection in fully customised wedding music all about the couple, how they met and fell in love. These personalised songs actually cost less to commission than if you were to buy the license to put a famous song in your video and then show it on the internet. That is why more and more couples are doing this as it is much more of a personal connection, it is not breaking the law and is something that they can tresaure forever.

  2. Andria says:

    Coffey Anderson – Better Today
    This is a beautiful wedding song!

    • selena says:

      to right Andria, Just picked it myself and man I have tears already! All the best for your big day mine is on the countdown 2 weeks to go

  3. Elif says:

    Nat king cole-L-O-V-E

  4. Pete says:

    I finally found someone – Bryan Adams and Barbra Striesand. Hands down the best :)

  5. Jess says:

    Free- Zac Brown Band

  6. jo says:

    lucky- jason mraz and colbie cailet

  7. Allison says:

    “You’ll be in my Heart” – Phill Collins
    “I Do (Cherish you)” – 98 degrees
    “Then” – Brad Paisly
    “Back at One” – Brain Mcknight
    “I could not ask for more” – Edwin McCain
    “I Do” – Colbie Caillat

  8. Jenn says:

    The Book of Love: Peter Gabriel

    That will be our first dance in 29 days!

  9. Juan says:

    Beautiful in white – Shane Filan

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