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How To Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Less Painful

Your bridal party is very important and you want to have the right people standing by your side when you say “I Do” but you also want to make sure they are looking their best on your special day. It can be extremely overwhelming to have to dress 5-10 other women let alone find your own dress for the wedding. You will most likely have to deal with many personalities, personal styles, and schedules. Fortunately we’ve rounded up a few tips that can make all the difference in the search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Read on to see how you can eliminate the pain of it all and go forth with smooth sailing.

Do The Research

The first step in the search is to do some research online. Gather inspiration from Pinterest and scour a few online retailers to discover what kind of color and style you may want for your bridesmaids. That way when you enter a store won’t feel as bogged down with so many choices.

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Get Measured

The fit of a dress can really make all the difference in both your satisfaction and your bridemaids. Make the time with your bridal party to make an outing to get professionally measured. Even though most boutiques have their staff measure bridesmaids, they are not a professional seamstresses. A seamstress or tailor can be extremely accurate and once you take the measurement to the boutique, then the staff can tell each of your girls which size they should be ordering from different brands.


Be An Early Bird

Etiquette says to start shopping for bridesmaid dresses about seven to eight months before your wedding day. This will allow plenty of time for special orders on colors or sizes and eliminate all of that unwanted last minute stress.


Talk Money

Let’s be honest here, we all know that bridesmaids dresses can add up with the rest of the cost of wedding activities for the bridal party. Be upfront with your girls about how much they are likely to spend. Even though you are not responsible for the costs it’s polite to include the bridesmaids dresses in your budget when financially planning for the big day. Don’t feel like it’s a sensitive topic for discussion, be extremely open with your bridesmaids and you will face less arguments about how much money they are spending.



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