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An Old Fashion Red Barn Wedding with Lace

There’s nothing better than a barn wedding done right. This gorgeous one captured by Austin Warnock Photography hits it right on. The bridesmaid dresses with the chunky belts and boots are genius, and the red cowboy boots on the bride steal the show. The scrumptious cake table and adorable groomsmen finish it off to perfection. Enjoy the inspiration!

bridesmaidbeltwedding1.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding2.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding3.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding4.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding5.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding6.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding7.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding8.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding9.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding10.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding11.jpgbridesmaidbeltwedding12.jpgImages by Austin Warnock Photography

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