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DIY Wedding Favors: a Lollipop Engagement Shoot

I recently discovered I Do Crafts – a blog that makes do it yourself weddings simple. One of their cutest ‘duh, why didn’t I think of that!’ ideas is this DIY lollipop favor. Have a look at the brief tutorial below. How adorable and innovative is that? I’m sure your guests would appreciate the personalized favor, not to mention the free candy! If you like this, hop on over to I Do Crafts and have a look at their other cool ideas.

lollipopfavors1.jpglollipopfavors2.jpglollipopfavors3.jpglollipopfavors4.jpglollipopfavors5.jpglollipopfavors6.jpglollipopfavors7.jpgImages by I Do Crafts

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