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  1. Kaelynn says:

    I was wondering where the bridesmaid dresses were from? Thanks!

  2. bridal girl says:

    This is so cool! (literally) I bet the couple really had a great photo shoot!

  3. Nat says:

    Love love love the photography!!!

  4. mazelmoments says:

    Stunning! The last photo is absolutely gorgeous! Love that the couple stuck to their guns with the cowboy theme!

  5. Jordan says:

    We found love-Rihanna

    Marry you-Bruno Mars

  6. Carey Gordon says:

    Hi Julio, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the blog. There you will see ‘Suscribe’. Enter your email and name there and you will get email notifications of new blog posts. Thanks!!

  7. Amanda says:

    Marry me-train
    trully madly deeply- savage garden
    I knew i loved you- savage garden

  8. Eva says:

    What a beautifull dress! Most beautifull of all the princesses(dresses) ;-)

  9. meka says:

    Hanging mason Jars

  10. Cara says:

    I love this! I love how the bride gets to show 2 different sides/styles. adorable.

  11. Beautiful! Nessa is amazing!

  12. Nessa K says:

    This is one of my favorite weddings. :) Thank you for sharing it here!

  13. Absolutely lovely wedding.

  14. Julia says:

    I am blown away by these images. Jonas Peterson. Your photography is absolutely stunning. Your feel for shape, composition and timing is impeccable!

  15. I love the floral arrangements and the bride’s stunning dress! This wedding’s full of personality, thanks for sharing.

  16. Scarlett says:

    Where was this beautiful wedding?

  17. A-Maz-Ing photos !! Looks like such a great day. Jealous !!

  18. Holly says:

    Looks like it says it on the invitation :) A nature center in CA

  19. Jewell says:

    Oh my gosh! If I didn’t already have my wedding colors picked out, this would have been perfect to use! I had my colors picked long before I was engaged to my fiance. Our colors are actually orange and blue. :) My favorite color is orange and his is blue, so it worked out perfectly!

  20. sarah. says:

    it is called the oak canyon nature center in anaheim, ca

  21. Karen says:

    Now that’s certainly fun, different and tasty! I think homemade favors are the best actually. It shows your guests that you really do care and that you put some thought into how to best thank them for sharing your wedding day with you.

  22. We love the new spring colors from Pantone…they are perfect for Beach Weddings!

  23. katherine says:

    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog! Hugs, Katherine

  24. Jo says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!

  25. step885 says:

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE this… could be for any party!

  26. Kathy says:

    I love this color theme!

  27. Tangerine Tango is indeed a gorgeous colour and those dress designs are beautiful! I also agree colours like yellow & green work well with it and make perfect bouquets.
    Thank you
    Ann (Frodsham, UK)

  28. Videographer says:

    The Paragon tuxed looks amazing! got to get me one of those :)

  29. Erin says:

    These Limoncello bottles are sucha great idea! Where did you get them?!?

  30. Destiny says:

    Give into me-Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund
    Me & my fiance plan to dance to this at our wedding.. :)

  31. Kay says:

    The color is matching well to the pieces. I like these styles. Really cool!

  32. bridal girl says:

    Simple and elegant wedding centerpieces. Just what I am looking for. Thanks for the idea.

  33. Erin says:

    For the after six style 6611 pictured above what color is that shade of pink ? Thanks

  34. How beautiful. I would never look at these and think “baby jar” I’d think – sheer elegance.

  35. Mike Collins says:

    These are all good songs for the first dance. One thing that i wanted to give a heads up about is the issue of copyright. If you are just going to dance to the song at your wedding, then copyright is an issue but it is one that should have been dealt with by the owners of your wedding venue. Here in the UK it is called a PRS license. If this is just about palying the song in the venue then it is the venue’s responsibility.
    What many do not understand is that If you are planning to video the dance and include the music in your wedding video then you need a copyright license. In my country the UK this is now called a limited manufacture licence and IS needed even if no commercial wedding videographers are used. The license is needed whether you include the live sound from the disco in the video or use the music file itself in the video.
    Now you may say that if noone sees the video it doesn’t matter and that is a matter for individual conscience, as to whether you break the law. It is just that that is what the law is.

    The thing is though that what couples are looking for in songs like these, is a connection to the music.

    Sometimes a piece of royalty free music that has no personality and no connection to the couple is sometimes a little worthless.

    Nowadays though some couples are finding this connection in fully customised wedding music all about the couple, how they met and fell in love. These personalised songs actually cost less to commission than if you were to buy the license to put a famous song in your video and then show it on the internet. That is why more and more couples are doing this as it is much more of a personal connection, it is not breaking the law and is something that they can tresaure forever.

  36. Kelli Ahern says:

    These are ADORABLE!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  37. Love the Tangerine Tango shade – gorgeous and so perfect for spring and summer. I also completely adore that Dessy has Pantone-coordinated dresses though! :)

  38. NJ Limo says:

    LOVE the Texture, Brown and Bright Turquoise Color, and 3-dimensional Touch it adds! Best of all, it looks SOOOO easy! I can adapt this to any party decor actually! Great Decor Idea!

  39. norman kay says:

    Great information to provide my brides who are having thier wedding reception venue at my hall.

  40. Kelsey Williams says:

    This is a cute idea especially since I have a bunch of friends with babies! I’m thinking of doing it with colored chalkboard paint because then you can write on them

  41. Sarah says:

    That’s really sweet. Great location and wonderful colors.

  42. What lovely colors! I am so used to seeing serene blues and sea foams and white at beach weddings – ♡ this!

  43. Sarah says:

    Peach and blue, love that combination. The shoes are fantastic!

  44. It is pretty amazing! The things that you can do with the things around you. Wildflowers are so beautiful and if they are edible, just perfect for cocktails during the wedding. Imagine how beautiful the table will be. Did you know that you could match that with plantable invitations, were wildflower seeds are embedded with the paper that you use for the invites? Perfect match! Cheers!

  45. bridal girl says:

    Wow so sweet. Great engagement photo shoot. The couple is so beautiful. Love them.

  46. Grandma Trudy says:

    Maxfield gives me beautiful color insight everyday. She is a ray of sunshine with sparkles.

  47. Grandma Trudy says:

    I get my color insight from Maxfield on a daily basis. Her advice is like sunshine with sparkles.

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  49. Thanks Maxfield! You just gave me lots of ideas for wedding invitations. You are absolutely right, you can practically get inspirations from different sources, and some are just right there before your eyes. Since summer is fast approaching, I am very much into all shades of yellow. From the invites down to the menu card. Cheers!

  50. Maria Popo says:

    She is STUNNING! What an absolutely adorable couple!

  51. charlotte says:

    Great hairstyles! Have featured you on our blog today!

  52. I especially like the double-band headband. Bridesmaids with mismatched dresses could all have the same hair accessory and style. Thanks for sharing these!

  53. Jenni says:

    WOW! what a cool wedding, we love this. Keeping the kiddies entertained for hours!

  54. Larry Green says:

    Gotta love those festive bow ties!

  55. Bridal Swan says:

    Everything should be natural: fruits, flowers, food ……LOVE

  56. Andria says:

    Coffey Anderson – Better Today
    This is a beautiful wedding song!

    • selena says:

      to right Andria, Just picked it myself and man I have tears already! All the best for your big day mine is on the countdown 2 weeks to go

  57. Nate says:

    What a great idea! So simple to add a little fun to the day. I have a friend getting married in July I’ll have to share this with!

  58. nyfika says:

    Amazing weddings photos!!! Amazing wedding!!!

  59. Hi there,
    I am also wondering about the photo with the after six bridesmaids, do you know what color that is?

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  61. We love the Dessy twist dress!! Also one of our most popular bridesmaid dresses! Seriously gorgeous..

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  63. Elif says:

    Nat king cole-L-O-V-E

  64. Katelyn says:

    I need to know where I can get that dress!!!!

  65. Kelli Ahern says:

    These are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  66. Alex says:

    All of Me- Blake

  67. David says:

    Great set of photos! Even though it was raining a bit, they are fantastically vibrant and really show the love the couple have for each other.

  68. Love this wedding and the frame “Please join ….” I cry on every wedding !

  69. Layla says:

    The I Do Crafts no longer works .. :(

  70. Elisha says:

    Great color combination! I personally like red and I like blue too so I just love this post. The bride’s shoes are out of the ordinary and I like that idea. A customized Nike shoes for the wedding, unique and creative! This is very inspirational, everyone can get so many ideas to make their own wedding truly one of a kind.

  71. Margaret says:

    Very unexpected and very delightful!

  72. Jill Sweetman says:

    Where did they get the bamboo plates & flatware?

  73. bridal girl says:

    One of the beautiful weddings I have seen. This one is truly adorable.

  74. This is gorgeous! I love their dresses, and shoes…and that blue bus. So unique.

  75. Margaret says:

    Swirly girly dresses….much love!

  76. Margaret says:

    I love the walk into the sunset!

  77. LOVE these ideas!!!!! All of them are so cool. Will share with our clients.

  78. When my son got married I got him a vintage book on Disney World (he and his bride love Disney and were heading there for the honeymoon) and we set it out as the guest book. Now they have a really interesting coffee table book and something they’ll actually use.

  79. Pete says:

    I finally found someone – Bryan Adams and Barbra Striesand. Hands down the best :)

  80. LKaps says:

    I love this idea! I’m not a huge fan of black as part of a color scheme, but in this case it’s absolutely wonderful. Do you have any suggestions for rings as well? I heard that Tungsten Rings are dangerous and break, so I want to make sure our bands are fitting to our wedding style.

  81. rachel says:

    another great gift idea would be to donate money in her name to a charity like farm sanctuary, a local animal shelter, or make a gift bag using a reusable grocery bag and fill it with supplies to start a small herb or veggie garden if that’s something she’d be into. A super romantic idea would be to buy two saplings – one representing her and the other her husband for them to plant (works best if they own their own home).

  82. She’s so pretty and I love her dress!

  83. I love the confetti balloons! I think they are fun and a little different.

  84. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I love traditional. elegant weddings.

  85. Simply lovely! Congratulations!

  86. Anita says:

    If it’s a formal wedding I don’t like the mismatched look, for a casual wedding I think it’s great.

  87. Brandon Burk says:

    Very cool engagement session. The coloring really stands out.

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  89. Brandon Burk says:

    That dress is stunning!

  90. brittany says:

    I absolutely love these! in fact….might use this idea in my wedding! thanks

  91. Beautiful dresses! Very elegant and classy. I love them

  92. This is just gorgeous. Living and working in Florida all my life, we just don’t have a “fall” season. These are great ideas to help usher that autumn feeling in, even though it’s still so hot outside! Thanks for posting.

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  94. Makes you want to fall in love. Just look at the way he looks at her!!!

  95. Katie says:

    Where dus you get those beautiful, green dresses??

  96. Katie says:

    Ah, where *did*

  97. great photos and wonderful colours

  98. Jen says:

    Hello, can you please provide information for the bridesmaids dresses from this post? designer, material and colors? This is the exact look I am trying to do and it is very difficult! thanks!

    • Carey Gordon says:

      Hi Katie! Sorry, I am not sure of those exact dresses. You may be able to track them down by contacting the photographer. Sorry I can’t be of more help! You may be interested in The Dessy Group Twist Wrap Dress for a similar look:

  99. Lissa says:

    Such a gorgeous roundup of inspiring ways to apply teal at your wedding!

  100. Louise says:

    Really like the stationery at this wedding and the bride looks amazing!

  101. Louise says:

    I love garlands, simple but really effective! A great way to add decorations.

  102. Claire says:

    I think this may be my favorite wedding/party idea ever!

  103. Claire says:

    this may be my favorite idea for a party/wedding ever!

  104. Margaret says:

    I love these dresses! I really love the back of the first dress.

  105. Ben says:

    We were wondering where the suits were from and the wedding dress. Thanks.

    • The Dessy Group says:

      Hi! I am sorry but I am not sure. You may be able to find out some information by contacting the photographer. Good luck!

  106. So fresh with great details. I especially love the “we do” bird cake toppers!

  107. Renee says:

    In the last pic, what dress is the lady on the right (5th person) of the bride wearing?

  108. Shannah says:

    I love the 1040, but nobody near me carries it for me to try on, and I can’t order it from the website to try-on, they say it’s too new. I even tried the Chicago suburb my fiancees parents live by and they have the dress listed on their website, but don’t have it in store to try on.

    I can’t justify buying a dress I’ve never even seen in person!

  109. janet says:

    So pretty! Love the cake.

  110. Jess says:

    Free- Zac Brown Band

  111. wedding says:

    quite interesting idea and very easy to make :)

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  113. Good idea! I love this colour!

  114. Margaret says:

    These are great fall bridal shower ideas, especially the monogrammed chocolate kisses…so cute!

  115. Margaret says:

    I forgot to say that I love the “Bride-to-Be” sign.

  116. Just love this board’s inspiration: red wine and pistachios! Must share this link on our FB page. :-)

  117. jo says:

    lucky- jason mraz and colbie cailet

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  119. One to Wed says:

    I LOVE this outdoor DIY type wedding idea! It looks so relaxed and fun to be at… beautiful!!

  120. Teresa says:

    These are so neat! What a simple and cleaver idea to make. Thanks 4 sharing.

  121. Yair Haim says:

    Love the pictures!

  122. janice hofmann says:

    can you use these for hand soap mason jars?

  123. Allison says:

    “You’ll be in my Heart” – Phill Collins
    “I Do (Cherish you)” – 98 degrees
    “Then” – Brad Paisly
    “Back at One” – Brain Mcknight
    “I could not ask for more” – Edwin McCain
    “I Do” – Colbie Caillat

  124. Awesome creativity with balls.

  125. Liondragoncustom says:

    Stunning! We are in awe at the gorgeous reception area and that beautiful cake!

  126. debi says:

    would like to “see” what the whole dress look like?????? not part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Liondragoncustom says:

    Such a beautiful wedding, I especially love the bridesmaids dresses and the way they perfectly compliment the brides gown.

  128. Liondragoncustom says:

    Lovely post…

  129. Alex says:

    What glue /adhesive was used to stick the lace on the glass?

  130. greg thurtle says:

    What a fun looking day – and the photographs really reflect that!

  131. Rania says:

    I would like it if someone offered me such a gift… It’s elegant and colorful and full of life

  132. You’re right…fab bridesmaid gift idea! But I’d love one, too, in every color please!

  133. Jenn says:

    The Book of Love: Peter Gabriel

    That will be our first dance in 29 days!

  134. martin says:


  135. bridal girl says:

    This is beautiful. I love this rustic wedding. I like the umbrella too.

  136. Really amazing idea! Looks very interesting!!!

  137. diana says:

    We made these 6 yrs ago for my daughter’s wedding. Bought the lace at a fabric store, and used double stick tape to attach at the seam. Tried glue gun but too messy for us.

  138. Kay says:

    Stunning combination!

  139. noviamorau says:

    The idea is creative and my advice is that you can make the bags more colorful. However, thanks for the interesting info.

  140. Kam Yau says:

    Purple is the most popular color this year and is my favorite too. Too bad I do not have a chance to shoot a wedding with theme color “purple”

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  142. says:

    Pink!The color is just amazing, I LOVE THAT IDEA!

  143. says:

    Fantastic wedding!! By chance, does anyone know where is her umbrella from?

  144. says:

    These DIYs are wonderful! Looks like you had a great time.

  145. says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful wedding! Every time we print an invitation I try and imagine what the celebration will be like, and I’m just blown away with your wedding. Congrats you two

  146. says:

    Stunning reception. Plus, the couple are very sweet and awesome. Love the concept of your wedding. This gives me an idea,thank you.

  147. says:

    Stunning reception. Plus, the couple are very sweet and awesome. Love the concept of your wedding. This gives me an idea.

  148. Holly says:

    I would love to know who the designer is and how to find it.. I am completely in LOVE with this dress.

  149. Michelle says:

    What shade is this? persian plum?

  150. bridal girl says:

    Beautiful. I love the quality of the photography. Well done!

  151. RaShonda White says:

    I need a blue similar to David’s Bridal “Horizon” blue. Does the convertible dress come in something like that?

  152. Love this shoot, the flowers are just stunning and so many cute ideas that could easily be used in a wedding. Great work all round.

  153. Beth says:

    I’m looking at getting the After Six 6611 for my bridesmaids & I’d like it in a soft purple / lilac colour. Based on the colour chart it looks like Suede Rose would be the closest but in the picture above the Suede Rose looks much more like a pink. My next guess would be to go with the Passion colour. Can anyone tell me which would be closer to the soft purple/lilac colour? Or tell me how close the colour chart is to the real fabric? Thanks

  154. Wow!green blog and i really enjoy it.

  155. Stephanie@geezees says:

    Love the winter wedding…can be really cozy. The pine cones are perfect as decor.

  156. Anita says:

    Very cute wedding, great theme! I love the flowers, and the cotton candy looks like it was a big hit! :)

  157. It’s a good idea,thanks your sharing!

  158. Awesome! All of the details went together perfectly…it wasn’t too little or too much.

  159. LOVE IT! Oh this is just too cool. It’s not like I needed an excuse to eat cookies anyway, now I can say it’s sampling for a wedding!

  160. Liondragoncustom says:

    What a lovely dress!! Cool blog

  161. Liondragoncustom says:

    So fun – love the stationary! I do some hand illustrated work with a similar style .

  162. i like the cake! it makes me hungry :)

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  166. Lee says:

    I think that yellow is a great colour to use in Autumn weddings as it helps to give a nice warm and cosy feeling.

  167. Lee says:

    The sky in the last couple of shots was the perfect backdrop to this beautiful looking engagement shoot. The dress is beautiful and can most certainly see that it was from the 1970′s

  168. Lee says:

    The homemade touches in this wedding really do give it a rustic feel. The venue looked fantastic and it looks like everyone had a really good time at the party!

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  170. Emma says:

    I love this, thanks for featuring us!

  171. You know what I like? When a couple’s wedding is truly about them as people. Looks like Kaitlyn and David had a great day – love his suit fabric btw.

  172. AnnaJ says:

    It looks yummy and cheap. thank you :)

  173. I agree, yellow is a perfect colour for this time of year, and the images you’ve included are beautiful. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to capture a yellow wedding for clients as yet, but we’ll spread the word!!

  174. That gold yellow is a color you can use all year long.

  175. Beautiful images you have here!

  176. Liondragoncustom says:

    Amazing! Love the bridesmaids dresses and even more the fact they were handmade by the bride and groom!

  177. Candace Hurst says:

    i love the black diamond w white diamond i have been trying 2 fine the 1 i want 4 life!

  178. Liondragoncustom says:

    gorgeous wedding. love the location and the colors. so simple yet elegant.

  179. Liondragoncustom says:

    Classic and Beautiful! What a great venue and love the ceremony shot.

  180. Thank you for publishing my photography… That really was an exceptional wedding… Perfect sunset, perfect couple, really creative and the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

  181. Such a great couple to work with! We are thrilled to see their love and happiness captured so beautifully by Toh!

  182. David says:

    Lovely pictures! They were lucky to have such a talented photographer!

  183. Wedding says:

    So cute tea jar… Simply stunning vintage love…

  184. Wedding says:

    Loving that lime yellow color… 1 of my favorite color… Beautiful…

  185. Wedding says:

    WOW!!! Pantone color is really fantastic, just so lively and vibrant…

  186. Wedding says:

    Great idea!!! Creative new look on wedding… and that’s awesome that we can make by our own also…

  187. Color scheme… All colors are just eye catching… simply and purely perfect…

  188. Kathryn Maclean says:

    I am a fan, more the turquoise side of emerald.Truely my favorite colour.

  189. Kat says:

    My fiance saw these and really wants these for our wedding, how could I get these?

  190. Juan says:

    Beautiful in white – Shane Filan

  191. Jinny says:

    So original , wow !! Very nice.

  192. Wow – they are some BOLD colours indeed, but well combined. Thanks for some inspiration to ponder over the christmas break.

  193. Marianne says:

    How do I order these precious shoes for my wedding?

    Marianne Welch

  194. Gorgeous wedding. I love the escort cards and clothes pins!

  195. Anet says:

    You all looked so beautiful!!
    Can you please advise what colour the Dessy BM dresses were, as I am currently trying to pick my colour?

    Thank you :)

  196. Anet says:

    Love the BM dresses, what colour was this? :)

  197. Tonya says:

    Thanks for showcasing this wedding! The bride and groom are super excited about it and we are too!!

  198. What a great tutorial! Love this fabulous detail!

  199. Jennifer N says:

    I LOVE the bold colors!!! I’m trying to do bright green and aqua, maybe a splash of orange. I’m trying to find slightly inexpensive dresses with a selection of a nice bright green and blue colors… The green dresses tend to be very subdued though.

  200. So honored to be such a big part of Autumn &Eric’s special day. Thank you for choosing Twin Cedar Farm to be your venue!

  201. Kirsty Deveney says:

    I tell all the couples I work with…Make a plan and add to it! There will always be little things you think of that you want to do that get overshadowed by the big things, a plan well help in a stress free day.

  202. Jen Thompson says:

    Where did you get the poppies? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I have a June wedding….

    • The Dessy Group says:

      Hi Jen, Call your local florist. They’re not very popular cut flowers, so they’re unlikely to have them in stock all the time, but they should be able to order them for you.

  203. Beautiful photos I love that white and red wedding dress it’s amazing.

  204. party says:

    The confetti balloons is a great idea for a funky party!

  205. angella jackson says:

    I really like this idea, it shows it can be done on a very short budget, which is right up my alley!!!

  206. bridalbride says:

    great photo shoots! thanks

  207. Gary says:

    That looks like it was a great day, the styling is amazing & love that dress. Congrats :)

  208. Lovely photographs.. beautiful wedding dress.. the wedding looks classic with so much fun..

  209. Gorgeous pictures… So dreamy and romantic. How warm and beautiful every image feels!!

  210. Kelly says:

    Ha ha, Pantone bridesmaid colors. The graphic design geek in me is nerding out.

  211. Guy says:

    Vintage Wedding. One of my favorite.

  212. Hi there,
    I found a dress on your site that I LOVE but it is from a very old post. Do you know who makes the dress in the photo from one of your old posts on hair-do’s?

    I would be SO grateful if you could find out the designer of that dress.

    Chelsey Brown

  213. Ruff Designs says:

    I love all of the rustic and vintage elements of this wedding, especially the hanging mason jars down the aisle. Beautiful.

  214. Mary says:

    Oh wow, that is definitely a great idea! My sister’s getting married at the end of the year and this could definitely save her some cash. It sure pays to be creative and resourceful especially if you are on a budget.

  215. Love, love the feature! Thank you so much

    Love, Petula Pea Photography!

  216. Silver beaded headband provided by Glam House Bridal Couture

  217. adam says:

    Hi found you blog page via stumbled. Love the idea and images would you mind if I reposted the article and images on my blog, like a guest post. Obviously I would link back to your site and credit you for the article.

    Regards and best wishes

  218. Jane Walter says:

    All dresses are from David’s Bridal!

  219. YASMEEN says:

    Fluffpop can provide you with all of your cotton candy needs for your wedding!

    visit us at!

  220. Jennifer says:

    WONDERFUL!!! I never really thought about the different ways to use the color ginger in a wedding, but this inspiration board shows just how diversely it can be used. Paired with gold, it can give an elegant classy look. Mix it with different pinks and you have a springtime look. Then again, my favorite, the picture of it paired with teal in the groom’s corsage, it gives off a fresh tropical feel. Very inspirational.

  221. Kayla says:

    hahaha that is totally my wedding inspiration board! lol I’m finding this all over the place now.

    Oh the power of the internet!

    Seriously though, I’m glad so many people seem to like it. Navy and coral are gorgeous together. Green and peach make great accents.

  222. Antanice Richardsson says:

    I’m looking to rent this chess set! Where can I find this???

    Anybody please!

  223. Gina Basin says:

    Love the ties, stunning photos.

  224. Gina Basin says:

    love the Santa sleigh……

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  226. Gabriela Lopez says:

    What did you use to make the centerpieces?

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    Love the vintage themes!
    Simple but classic.

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    Thank you!

    • The Dessy Group says:

      Hi Kelsey, could you please email me the link from Pinterest so that I can help you find what you are looking for? Thanks! carey(at)dessy(dot)com

  245. [...] This gorgeous Dessy bridesmaid dress winter wedding took place this past January. Read on for some great advice ifyou currently planning your wedding……/kate-ryans-real-dessy-dress-winter-we… [...]

  246. [...] This gorgeous Dessy bridesmaid dress winter wedding took place this past January. Read on for some great advice ifyou currently planning your wedding……/kate-ryans-real-dessy-dress-winter-we… [...]

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    Excellent post! I am a sapphire kind of girl!

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  277. We love the new Dessy Gatsby Style bridesmaids at our store. This is the new look for this year and it is going to be glamorous.

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  284. This style is really flattering! I also love these colors!

  285. This blog literally made me chuckle a little bit. You are right these song should not be played, that is why a “do not play list” is a good idea for your DJ. Especially when guests come up to the table requesting “Gold Digger” the DJ can say “sorry its on the list” right off the bat.
    Your blog has so much personality. #LoveIt

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    Great advice. For my wedding I let the girls pick what they wanted with a few guidelines. It had to be a pastel color (June wedding in a rustic setting), not full length, and I showed them my dress and said get something that you like that goes with this dress. The guys then just had to get a shirt/tie that matched their dresses. It was perfect. The bridal party was happy with their dresses and able to get dresses they could afford.
    And all the guests said it was the best wedding/reception because it was relaxed yet classy, and comfortable.

  298. Too true – sometimes one dress is not enough! Reception dresses are very popular, and these styles are very pretty :)

  299. Allensbridal says:

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    • Daniela Forte says:

      Hi Chrissy,
      I just emailed you directly from my AOL account, I am freelance blogger for Thanks!

      Daniela Forte

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    again. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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    I’ve been searching for centerpiece ideas, and I am totally loving the lanterns. I recently ordered some lanterns that I want to set up as centerpieces at my wedding! I found them here…

    They have a lot of other great styles to choose from! Just thought I would share for anyone else who is looking/interested in lanterns.

  306. Amanda says:

    I totally agree with this article! I will be doing this for my wedding in October. I think the element of surprise is the best way to go. I want my groom to be floored for the first time he sees me walking down the aisle. Also it is a great opportunity for the photographers to get such great photos of his reaction! Hope this helps all those Brides out there :)

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  312. Really hard situation.. Makeup, hair and a dress can add up to a holiday away!! Best to all be on the same page about ‘reasonable’ costs for a bridesmaid to be required to pay.. Especially if you can’t wear the shoes or dress again ??

  313. kkshoes says:

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    Such a pretty inspiration board

  320. I absolutely love doing wedding flowers in the fall and working in new and unique fall color schemes into the wedding flowers.

  321. Lovely shade of green makes a nice change to see over the purples and the blues.

  322. Nice post Daniela. These ‘save the dates’ invites are gorgeous and amazing. I appreciate their ideas of creating these printable save the date invites of book loving couples. It’s totally inspirational!!

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    Beautiful! the little pumpkin soup bowls are my fave! <3

  324. Diana Oakes says:

    Wow what an honour! I can see you’ve used my pantone moodboard (I also posted it on Dessy and from my Winter Woodland Wedding in 2011. Thanks and so glad it was inspiring! :)

  325. Love the first red one,so gorgeous.

  326. I absolutely love 3 of the photos for this blog: the cranberry centerpieces, the winter white cake, and the lantern entrance with the hanging wreaths. Currently, the weather in Charleston is in the mid 70s and it is difficult to find inspiration for a holiday wedding when you know that the weather could be something you would find in the spring. I very rarely say this but I wish that it was cold enough to enjoy a beautiful wedding such as the one featured. Love it all!

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    Black and Silver- My all time favorite color matchup. Thanks for sharing!

  328. Andy George says:

    I think this is the best.

  329. Monica says:

    My goodness.These videos are fantastic.Thanks for sharing.

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  337. Those very good tips for a wedding toast. What would you suggest for someone who is scared of public speaking?

    • Daniela Forte says:

      Practice, practice, practice! I would recommend rehearsing the speech in front of a small group of people before the wedding to get used to speaking in front of people and also work out whatever anxieties you may have about public speaking. Also, at the wedding if you can, focus on one or two people that you feel comfortable enough to focus on (this could be the bride and groom) and forget everyone else. Just remember this speech is for the bride and groom so if you think of it this way, you may find that it is easier go through your speech.

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  353. Danielle says:

    While I do love spring weddings, in Gatlinburg fall weddings take the cake with the colors in the Great Smoky Mountains. But…Spring weddings here come in a close second place! :)

  354. Nyfika says:

    Nice article!!! Gongratulations!!!

  355. Very artistic. But will it be applicable for outdoor weddings set-up in tents and marquees?

  356. Dane says:

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  357. I don’t like weddings that are kids friendly. But anyways these are some good ideas for kids friendly weddings.

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  367. Sarah Donald says:

    Where is this? I am looking for a venue just like this in Tahoe.

  368. Great picks! The Crystal Bridal Sandal is a perfect choice for a destination wedding on the beach.

  369. I look forward to this season. We had our summer wedding last year and everything was perfect, starting from weather. Moreover, we could’ve organized a theme for our event, finally chosing marine theme. I guess I’ll never regret my summer choice and will recommend it to my unmarried friends.

  370. Mel Gibbs says:

    The cutest prince I’ve ever seen :)

  371. The photograph with the dog is brilliant. I had my dog at my wedding and would have loved that photo!

  372. Mel Gibbs says:

    These two colors are worth considering this time of the seasons. For flower girls, these collections can be considered as well. –

  373. Mel Gibbs says:

    #6: A lot of flexibility and DIY!

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    Dress with shoulders – this is a good choice.

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  378. Debbie Yeagle says:

    This is my very talented cousin, Evan!! What a beautiful song, I could listen to it everyday, all day!!

  379. It’s wise (and grounding) to remember that there is nothing new under the sun. So, as stated here, if you’re attempting to create the most original wedding ever it’s likely you won’t because, in the world of Pinterest brides, it’s all been done before. Be authentic, be loving and respectful of your families, your guests and your budget. Your wedding will be wonderful.

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  399. Photos are amazing )))!!! I like a lot such conservative weddings) everything is made with good taste))just watch second photo which flowers !!! I’ll take some ideas for my own wedding ;) in all cases I just have one word it’s great !!! Also card with photo in old style seems very fashion

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  403. Great photos. I love these!!!

  404. I think I may steer my brides to Wild Berry…it is stunning!


  405. Sofie says:

    Perfect list ! But i think i’ll handle these issues 2 weeks before the wedding :) ) To make sure that nothing will be neglected.


  406. Kelly says:

    Love the dresses so much, and the colors look so stylish and romantic.

  407. Zookbinders says:

    The twist wrap dress looks so sexy, this is perfect for bridesmaids.

  408. […] winter inspired photo shoot at Haymount House has been featured on The Dessy Group Blog, Yay! These versatile “twist” dresses are ideal for bridesmaids of any shape and […]

  409. […] in theme for the holidays. But see how just setting the gift labels at an angle, as seen via, creates a hint of style so […]

  410. […] Credits: Elegant Suede Rose for your Bridesmaid Dresses […]

  411. Completely agree about leaving it too late to book vendors. Don’t!

  412. Make your priorities and stick to them. My advice.

  413. Mario says:

    Maybe you should add start looking for your vendors early so you have good selection to choose from. When you wait with booking your vendors until last minute you often end up making bad choices.

  414. Wow! Those bridesmaid dress are stunning. My girls are going to be so happy that they don’t have to wear ugly dresses. Thanks for sharing this posts!

  415. I love this B&W photos! Great choice for your wedding date! Wish you all the success!

  416. lemon says:

    Funny ideas, bridesmaid group can be playful too. 6 creative ideas will help

  417. Mario says:

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